Fraseropolis: The Greatest Hits

Project rendering of the Evergreen Line near Coquitlam Centre

Many who land at arrive by accident, of course, and check out seconds later.  If you are one of those, go thy way and be blessed.  Others are looking for something.  Here’s a list of the Fraseropolis pages that visitors have consulted most often in the year since November 2011, when the site was a pup.

1. The Evergreen Line and the Future of Skytrain.  An imposing title.  It refers to the urbanists who see Skytrain as a brutalist technology, and who would prefer to see the deployment of light rail or streetcars.  Streetcars make much nicer urban villages, I’m sure of it.  When Skytrain was chosen for the Evergreen, some people booed.  But Skytrain moves more people, and it moves them faster.  Since the piece was posted, the Evergreen project has been officially launched, although I don’t see much action on the ground.

2.  NewPort Village and Its Clone.  Is this all about titles?  The clone is Suter Brooke, a copycat manufactured village across the street from NewPort.  Put together they are a fun addition to the suburban City of Port Moody, but they lack diversity and community focus.

3.  Live-Work spaces – why so few?  There seems to be an international interest in Tin Town, an eccentric subdivision in Courtenay, B.C. that combines residential use with industrial shops.

4.  The Port Mann/Highway 1 project: a model for construction PR.  For the first three years of this highway megaproject, traffic on Western Canada’s busiest road was generally unaffected, and I gave some credit to the public information staff.  Since summer 2012, construction has reached a disruptive climax.  Lanes and exits move around every day. I’m sure the travelling public is less cheerful.  However, I don’t blame my colleagues.

5.  Port Mann tolls will “pay all costs” of 3.3 billion project. Only to point out that if the Port Mann project misses its revenue projections it will present a really big bill to the general taxpayer.  Two additional causes of concern since this one was posted: first, a Seattle study showing that Cascadians south of the border are making fewer trips by car; and second, a government decision to offer a deep discount on Port Mann tolls when the new bridge opens.

All of the above items have sat online for awhile and had a chance to accumulate hits.  The most popular items over the past three months, since you ask, are completely different.  They are: There’s a high-crash location near you, A tour to Port Hammond, In search of the village at Edgemont Village, METROTOWN, and The seafront at White Rock.

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