I’m Thomas Ian McLeod, born in Saskatoon in 1953, a writer and consultant living in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.  This is a city of 80,000 sitting at the edge of the Metro Vancouver regional district (basically a county jurisdiction) and next door to the Fraser Valley regional district.  Geographically and economically, the two counties make up a multi-layered urban-rural entity: Fraseropolis.

My home office looks out on the muddy Fraser. I take comfort in the river’s tranquility, and in watching the tugboats churn past, hauling their gravel barges and log booms. This blog site went public in September 2011.  It combines reports from visits to various places in the region with non-partisan updates on major trends and challenges. Through all this, we tend to emphasize realities that are both obvious and often overlooked — for example, the fact that close to 80 per cent of the combined Metro/Fraser Valley population lives outside the City of Vancouver.

I have tried to perform regular maintenance on the document links, but the death rate on internet links is high, especially those related to the Metro Vancouver regional authority and TransLink. Feel free to let us know if something isn’t working.

To anyone who would like to see their comments published: please use your true name rather than an alias.  It’s fairer to everyone, and will help us maintain a decorous playspace.

You can contact me here:

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