A Fraseropolis report for 2015

Ambleside, District of West Vancouver

Ambleside, District of West Vancouver

The purpose of Fraseropolis.com is to describe livable, walkable communities in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, and provide status reports and information links related to public services in the region.

The site has operated since 2011, and had a modest record year in 2015, with just over 18,000 page views and 10,000 unique visitors. July 9, 2015 was a record day, with 338 views, mostly related to a post on possible outcomes from Metro Vancouver’s transit referendum.

The five most-viewed posts through 2015 were:

This site advocates for mainstream urbanist approaches, meaning hard limits on sprawl, support for transportation alternatives, and human-scale, mixed-use development. We would like to see more transparency in government and a more serious effort to engage citizens. We don’t attack individual politicians or political parties. There’s plenty of nagging, blaming and exaggeration in the B.C. political mix, often on the theme that the bad people in power are ignoring the easy answers. In a 30-municipality, automobile-dependent split region (Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley) of 2.7 million people, there are no easy answers.


2 responses

    • Kind of a made-up word. I’ve changed this to “split region”. Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley regional districts (or counties) overlap for functional purposes (health care, parks, transit, libraries) and can be discussed as either two regions or a single region. The regional association of municipal politicians actually takes in a third county, Squamish-Lillooet, but I am based on the Fraser River near the border of Metro and Fraser Valley and I see my personal urban area as Fraseropolis.

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