A democracy of beer

Brewing tanks at the Ridge Brewing Co. tasting room, Maple Ridge

Kory Tiemstra behind the bar at the Silver Valley Brewing Co. in Maple Ridge

Fraseropolis.com doesn’t usually advertise commercial enterprises, but we want to note the launch of The Growler, a print publication devoted entirely to a single burning question: where can I find fresh craft beer near my house?

The Growler illustrates a point that we often underline here: there is life in British Columbia beyond downtown Vancouver. The latest issue reports that there were four craft beer tasting rooms in Port Moody at the time of printing, four in Surrey or White Rock, and many more in the Fraseropolis region and in towns and cities around the province, with a full-page listing of venues that are “coming soon.” Each location offers a chance to sample what’s for sale, fill up a jar to take home, and talk philosophically about beer with the folks people behind the counter and whoever happens to be perched nearby.

I don’t recall noticing this trend until about a year ago. It speaks to a thirst for neighbourhood loyalties, and a desire to become more aware of what we’re eating and drinking. If you live in Duncan or Chilliwack, you may find that there is excellent, locally made beer available from the cask just down the street.

The Growler’s website goes beyond listing locations to the how and the why, or the why not, of craft brewing. But the central attraction of the site, for my money, is still the guide to craft beer outlets. And if you can find the print version, so much the better. You can tick off each tasting room as you cover the province on foot. I paid two dollars for my copy at Foamer’s Folly in Pitt Meadows. Wonderful beer, by the way. Why settle for suds?




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